Determination in her eyes,
Sorrowfulness attacking her heart,
Lungs without air,
Struggling to keep up.


She ties her shoes laces,
And she is ready.
Ready to face more failure,
To show everyone what she can’t do under the pressure.

Rain drops hit her hard on her neck
They urge her to quit,
They tell her to stop
It’s done, it’s over.
But she fights back because it’s not.

She is exhausted,
Even when everyone looks fine,
She can’t understand why.
Water… she didn’t bring any.
The other girls did, and all they do is laugh.

She could run far away,
Maybe cry under a cherry blossom tree.
Because everything she ever does,
Is nothing more than a failure,
Failures that can’t compete
With a perfect vision
Of what she could be.


– by Chloe


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